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I have a new blog! I named it Rachel’s Ramblings. I will still post recipes and chocolate reviews on here, but everything else will be on my other blog. I hope you enjoy it.

Posted by: Rachel | 11-02-2008 | 12:11 AM
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Ike part 3

Monday we walked around the neighborhood with a sweet cat, Caspian He followed us most of the way meowing at us the wholw way.We found fences in pieces, shingles in the road, and fallen down trees. We met 2 families helping each other clean up. We talked for a little bit and took pics of their baby’s. After walking a little we saw a house that had a tree in the middle of there living room, splitting the house in two. The rest of what we saw started to be the same for most families, a roof coming apart, their fence on the ground, and fallen down trees in their yard.

Posted by: Rachel | 09-17-2008 | 01:09 PM
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Ike Part 2

My Mom, Lindsay, Hannah, Caroline, and I stayed up all night Thursday, to load the van and get the house ready for Ike. We got in the van leaving at 5:05am and dropped books off at the library. After that we were on our way to LA! We drove til 7am, then stopped at McDonalds to get some biscuits. After a while we saw Lake Livingston  and stopped to stretch our legs and get pics. A few hours later we stopped at an old shop in Groveton called Billie West Antiques. They had a lot of old stuff from daggers that were $15 to books. We looked around for about a hour, and and before we left Hannah bought 3 Bryer horses that are discontinued. Lindsay got a post card or 2, then we got back on the road.Around 2pm we got to our Grandparents house. they weren’t home yet because they were shopping at Wal-Mart, but had left a key for us. After we were settled my Mom and Dad went to Wal-Mart and got what they needed as well. Our Grandparents got home a little after our parents did and we visited for a while. Granny cooked us roast, rice, sweet potatoes, and biscuits for dinner, which was really good!We stayed up late that night to see Ike come into Galveston and Houston.The next morning I awoke to the smell of bacon, eggs, and  toast!at 2 we went to Memaw and Pepaws house and talked for a couple hours. After that we went back to Granny’s house and got drinks. Then we went to Pop’s house. And talked while I groomed their Great Pyenees Buffy. We found out she is part German Shepherd. We petted their other pets Little Angel, a Pomeranian, Winnie, a dachshaund, and Millie, a black and white cat. After awhile we went out in the rain and strong wind to feed their 2 horses Little Chief and Angel. Little Chief is a young horse that is playful and more rough, so we could not pet him. We were able to pet Angel an older more gentle horse. After that we washed up and went to find some food. As we were driving into McDonald’s we saw a traffic light fall and almost hit a car. They stopped and checked their car out, which was fine. We saw a sign on the door of McDonald’s that said “Closed for Ike”. We could not find another place open so we went back to Granny’s house and got some more of that yummy roast and gravy, sweet potatoes, creamed corn, and crescent rolls. Sunday morning we ate sausage biscuits and hash-browns from McDonald’s. We packed up the van and we were off! We were on the road for about 7 hours and saw a lot of fallen-down trees and a few ruined building. When we got to Katy we drove around to see what had happend. We saw a lot of fallen down trees, and fences. When we got home we all rushed in to see the cats! Belle was waiting on the back of the couch by the door so she got hugged and loved on first. We all started looking for Harmony and I found her sleeping on Hannah’s bed. We hugged her a little, but she was startled and ran under the table for a few minutes. We all went outside in our yard to look at the damage. Half of the skirtting on the house was ripped off but our neighbors had set it under our house so nothing would happen to it. Our 2 gates were messed up so they need to be replaced, which we already wanted to do. We found some little branches in our yard. No problems with the house and we are much better off than a lot of people that are in Galvaston and many other places hit by Ike.

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I have it so I have to approve comments so I do not get spam and I forgot about it. I am happy to know I do have people coming and commenting, thankyou! I will start cheking my comments often so I can aprove them. 

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Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Corn Bread

If you like your corn bread more cake-like, you can add an extra egg, and a little more oil and milk, about a teaspoon each. You can find more Kitchen Tip Tuesdays here.

Posted by: Rachel | 09-16-2008 | 01:09 PM
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Ike Part 1

Tomorrow morning we are evacuating to LA for hurricane Ike.  We live in Katy so we are not sure if Ike’s eye it going to hit us. Last we checked Ike’s eye is going right over us. We are going to stay with our Grandmother in Bossier City LA. We can take our little dog Maggie but the cats have to stay.  We are evacuating because we live in a mobile home and know it is not safe to stay.  We are trusting God and know that what ever happens He is with us and helping us through hard times. We would appreciate your prayers Thank You. 

Posted by: Rachel | 09-11-2008 | 12:09 PM
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Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Vanilla bean sugar

If you like to use vanilla beans you can put one in some sugar to make it taste like vanilla! After it has cured for about a week you can put it in cakes, cookies, custards, and more. You can see more Kitchen Tip Tuesdays at Tammy’s Recipes

Posted by: Rachel | 09-02-2008 | 04:09 PM
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The Bed

Last night Sarah, Caroline, and I were in our room on our beds. Caroline and I were on Caroline’s top bunk, and was Sarah on her the bottom bunk beneath us. Sarah walked out of the room and Caroline and I were getting of the bed when we heard a SNAP! The top bunk fell on the bottom bunk and Caroline and I went sliding off! When our Dad got home we said we wanted him to see our room and he went back there and saw the mattress hanging off the bed. Thankfully nobody was hurt and the bed did not fall on Sarah.

Posted by: Rachel | 08-30-2008 | 10:08 AM
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The Sweater

I am trying to make Maggie some sweaters for fall and winter. I was going to make a mock up, so I did not use material that I liked just in case. I measured Maggie from head to toe, then I made the pattern. Afterwards, I cut out some felt and started the sewing. I realized I sewed the sleeves up! Then I seam-ripped it and started the sewing process again. When I was done, it did not look the best, but it would do. I tried it on Maggie; it was a little tight just while putting it on, I thought. But when it was on her, the top part of the neck was WAY too tight. The sleeves were too tight where you could not get them off! So I went to cut the sweater off. I will post a new pattern that works and a photo for Sew Crafty Friday.

Posted by: Rachel | 08-28-2008 | 11:08 AM
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Hair Cut

Our nine year old toy poodle/yorkie mix, Maggie, hates to get hair cuts. Doesn’t she look so adorable with her hair cut?


Posted by: Rachel | 08-27-2008 | 02:08 PM
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